Friday, May 8, 2015

FREE Books and A Movie Role

There's been alot of talk in Hollywood lately about inequality for women. From Patricia Arquette's rousing speech at the Academy Awards, to the hooplah in the superhero universe about the female characters not getting enough recognition. As a woman and a fan of film I tend to agree. As a writer I include strong females throughout my work. One of my earliest novels was The Crescent, it explores the uncovered truth about female gladiators in an adventurous way. This novel is now being created for film, with not one but TWO strong female leads. But we need your help! We've started a Kickstarter campaign with some great prizes for each level of donation...including a role in the movie itself! I'd like to invite you to go to the Kickstarter page and find out more:


Today here is the opportunity to get two of my novels absolutely FREE!

Sins and Virtues 
Fantasy novelist Ben Haskins has taken a remote cabin in the wilderness to revive his shaky marriage and failing career. Within the peaceful surroundings he runs into real trouble when convicted murderer Sam Mitchell breaks into the cabin after she escapes from prison. Marked by a dark past of abuse Sam is volatile and ready to snap. It is up to Ben to use his writer's gift of words to diffuse the situation before time runs out for them both.
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Demon Hunter: The Chosen One
Do you know what horrors lie beyond these pages? Costa Calabrese has just uncovered the truth about his past. Some truths should never be revealed. When you learn you’re the son of the worlds foremost and feared hunter of demons, life’s rules inevitably change. Now Costa has been chosen to walk in his famed father's footsteps and take up the role his bloodline demands of him...whether he wants to or not. He is a killer of killers, laying waste to the scourge of evil that threatens the existence of mankind. He is the chosen one. He is the Demon Hunter. Enter Code: CR95A at checkout for savings!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Business of Writing

Each of us who sits down at a computer, pad of paper, or even...a typewriter, all have the same dreams. To write books that inspire, entertain, or both. I'll stop right here and say that if you're in it for the money you're better off becoming a lawyer or something else along those lines. You don't write because you want to make a million dollars and a movie franchise, sure that would be icing on the cake but that's really the last thing you should be thinking about.

I've been a writer for as long as I can remember with the same dream to see my books in print being recognized by readers and reviews. I've made some headway and began to build a brand. But I often wondered what is taking so long. Why am I not the overnight success that you see some of these authors spring up as. (Which by the way are usually total fabrications. Most of those "debut" novels are probably about the 5th or 6th novel that author has written. It just happens to be the one that sold)
What I've come to learn recently I really wanted to share because it seems so obvious but if you are writing and not seeing results I ask you: Are you working hard enough?

Really, be honest with yourself? Are you putting the time in to actually write or are you all over Facebook and Pinterest?

What I mean is you might actually think you're putting the proper amount of time in to your actual writing but a few simple hours here or there doesn't cut it, especially not in today's digital world where everyone and anyone can publish online.

To stand out from the pack you need to be willing to do what others do not. Hard work builds empires. What does that mean for writers? Well look at it like a business. If you put 8-10 hours a day into a job that you may not even like you should be willing to do that much and more for your chosen career. I was reading an older book by Dean Koontz on Writing Popular Fiction and something he said stood out to me and inspired this blog post. According to Mr. Koontz you should be writing upwards of about 6 novels per year. Up until now I usually only turn out 1 per year if that. To be perfectly honest I haven't completed anything new since the release of LUCKY SEVENS and that was well over 2 years ago. I keep allowing myself to get distracted and that is not the way to go if you are to build your business as a writer.

The other interesting thing I happened upon was this post over at Brain Pickings on how John Steinbeck used a journal to document how he was feeling each day that he wrote. This worked much the same way a training journal works for fitness. You jot down what worked, what didn't, your mood, the time it took, whatever will help you in the future to go back and see what helped you in order to do things that much faster and more efficient the next time.
So you see there is so much more to writing than churning out a little bit here and there and then blasting Twitter and Facebook with promos. If you love your art, and I hope you do, then you will put into it everything it deserves and more. What that boils down to is PASSION!

Do you have any tips or questions? Contact Me or leave a comment below!

Monday, March 23, 2015


Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

We all get complacent at times, comfortable in our situation no matter how unhappy it makes us merely because we are afraid of the unknown. But life isn't about being comfortable, it is about experiences...getting out there and really living!

I'm not going to lie, the start of 2015 for me was pretty shitty. Without getting too personal I'll just say that some things happened that really shook up my little world and made me take a good look at what I was doing with my life. I came to find I was being complacent. That inspired me to make some changes, push some boundaries, and try some new things.

First on the list was Parkour. If you've never heard of Parkour it is the art of free-running. In other words these are the guys and gals you see on TV or in movies leaping around buildings like Spiderman! I always wanted to try it and I finally did. Not that I thought it was but that shit sure wasn't easy!! You have to develop great control of your body and remove all fear of falling on your face. The instructors, a group of kids in their early 20's, were supportive of this first-timer and told me in no uncertain terms: "Get up a wall at least 3 times today, that is your goal."
I'm happy to say I conquered said goal...not without some scratches but I did it. Nothing like accomplishing a goal.

The point of this story is to challenge you. What is something you've always wanted to do but haven't done because you've been too afraid of it? We all have something. I can at least cross one more item off my bucket list, though I still have many more to accomplish.


Colon cancer is not as widely recognized as breast cancer or skin cancer but it is just as deadly. Both my parents succumb to it which is why I'm such an advocate of treatment centers. March is colon cancer awareness month and though the month is almost over it is still important to recognize that early detection and treatment of the disease might help save a life...even yours. As a reminder a portion of the proceeds from my novel Lucky Sevens goes to support the Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer program at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.
Get a good book for a good cause!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Free Reads

In case you didn't know two of my short stories are absolutely FREE to read!

Former army sniper John Phoenix has brought his work home with him. As a professional hitman he does very bad things to very bad people for very good reasons. When Phoenix wakes in a pool of his own blood he finds himself entangled in a deadly plot of gun-running, headed by a former member of his unit.
This time the hit is on the hitman and Phoenix must use everything in his arsenal if he is to survive.
A full packed thriller in a convenient snack size!


“I’ll see you tomorrow, baby.” Those were the last words she spoke to him for tomorrow never came for either of them. With one stupid, drunken accident the light of his life went out that night. And with her passing, he wished that the spectre's skeletal hand that reached out to claim her had taken him too.
Thanatos was a bundle of nerves. If he had skin it would be crawling. There had been a time in his existence, a pleasant time, when he need only concern himself with simple, ritual tasks. Now that The Underworld had gone public his every waking hour seemed to be a living nightmare, which really didn’t make much sense considering he was dead. Walking through the office doors of Hellfire & Brimstone Inc, Thanatos was immediately struck by the chaos of the day, which was invariably the chaos of every other day. The staff were plentiful, the work abundant, but no one seemed to be doing any. Telephones were ringing incessantly, putting an even bigger strain on Thanatos’ aching head.
Iris was her usual whimsical self. Most days Thanatos couldn’t decide if that was a bonus or simply another added aggravation. Today he decided it was an enormous aggravation.
“Good morning, Mr. Death.”
Her cheery greeting set his teeth on edge.
Iris was the Messenger to the Immortals. Her deliveries were always wing-footed which made her a damn good secretary. But her jovial disposition was jarringly out of place amongst the tenebrous surroundings of perpetual death.
“Gee, Mr. Death,” she continued breezily, referring to him for the umpteenth time as ‘Mr. Death’ despite his numerous protests against it. “Are you havin’ a bad day?”
“I’m fine, Iris,” Thanatos answered coldly. “I just have a lot on my mind.”
“Lots of stress, huh?”
“I suppose,” Thanatos replied, trying to sidestep quickly into his office.
“You can tell by the new cracks in your skull,” she called after him.
Thanatos paused and turned on his heel. “New cracks?” he asked in dismay.
“Oh yeah, one of them is running down the side of your cranium like the mighty Mississippi. But you still look hot to me.”
Thanatos threw back his cloak and ran a bony finger over the fine, smooth surface of his skull until he found the culprit. It was jagged and very long, extending almost down to his vertebrae.
“It kinda suits you, sir,” Iris added with a plucky grin.
Thanatos stared back at her, his hollow eye sockets intent on burning a hole through her grinning face. Finally he said: “I’ll be in my office. Hold my calls.”