Saturday, July 12, 2014

Holy Freebies! Books on sale!!

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con pt 2 - A Word About Presentation

Ok so the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con is in the bag for another year and it was another huge success for me as an author! Part One of my review was more about the emotion and fun I had during the Comic Con. Today I'd like to talk to you about setting up your table and general presentation during an event that big!

Don't judge a book by its cover? Unfortunately we do and not just books but anything really. This goes for your overall presentation as an author. Today I'm going to focus on the presentation of your table at an event or signing.
In another post I discussed how to prepare yourself for attending an event/signing. I briefly touched on the importance of how to set up your table. To reiterate, you're going to want to arrive at least 15 minutes early so you're not rushing.
Sometimes organizers will have signings back-to-back. If you're the secondary signer this could mean having to wait until the other party vacates before you can get up which is why I prefer doing events where I'm the only one signing. But if you find yourself having to wait you can at least have a visual of what your table will look like and really, that visual should start before you ever leave the house. And it is probably a good idea to plan out weeks, if not months, before. Reason being? You most probably will have to order supplies.
I've been to quite a few events and at each one I'm always learning something new to add. So don't stress out if you get there and you find you forgot something.
Presentation is only half the game anyway. The other half is personality.

Engage the audience as they walk by but don't act like the annoying sales clerk in a retail store that everyone avoids. Start a conversation or ask a question then lead in with how your book relates to that topic. 
This will take some practice before it flows naturally. As writers most of us are introverts by nature, but don't be shy! The worst thing you can do is sit there silently it won't result in any interest from passersby (no matter how cool your booth is!) and it also isn't very fun either.
The best part about going to these types of events is to interact with people, whether its networking with a table next to you or pressing the flesh with attendees. Writing is a lonely career, interaction with people is necessary to maintain your sanity.

Video from the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con:
Attendee virgins, let me know about your first time!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con Review Pt 1

I just wrapped my 2nd year at the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, one of the fastest growing conventions on the west coast. I'd like to bring you some of my highlights as well as some tips for your own event.
As I said in a previous post getting out and meeting the readers is not only a necessity in the isolating career that is writing, but it is also fun!
Some of my favorite moments this year came from meeting young writers just starting out. I could just read the passion and enthusiasm as they described the visions for the stories they wanted to write. And without even having to placate them I genuinely thought each one sounded original and interesting. So I encouraged each of them to write these novels because they were stories I would definately read! And in that moment I found what I've been looking for.

I've been wanting to inspire and make a difference in some way and if I can nurture young talent, our authors of the future, and encourage them to develop their craft then that fulfills me.
My own personal highlight came from a woman who was looking over my books and I could tell she desperately wanted one. So her husband bought a copy of Lucky Sevens and Sins & Virtues for her and she got very excited to have me sign each novel. Then she even came back to take a picture with me!
Now I feel as though my career in writing is just starting to take off. I'm not Dean Koontz or Anne Rice by any means. So to have someone that excited about my work made me excited!
Moments like that continued throughout the convention and it juiced me, reinvigorated my energy to finish writing my series...because that was one of the  main questions I k on that in kept getting asked: "Is this part of a series." But more on that in later Tips and Tricks.
This year at the Comic Con I had the actresses who are going to star in the film version of my novel The Crescent at the booth with me. They were in full costume taking pictures with guests and it was a very exciting time to tell the convention goers about the upcoming film and see their reactions.

All in all it was a full and fabulous weekend and once again I pretty much sold out of half my stock of books I brought with me!
that, coupled with meeting some wonderful people, made the convention a huge success!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Remember Fun? An author's confession

This time of year sucks for me. Mother's Day and Father's Day are back-to-back. If you've lost your parents you will understand how that makes you feel. In the middle is my birthday, which should be a good thing except every year I get introspective and more often than not melancholy about where I am in my life. This year is no exception.
I've been trying to find the good in this world as everything seems so shitty these days. I'd like to have a purpose, something that moves me, that wakes me up in the morning. Something where I can...I don't know make a difference somehow. What does that mean for a writer?

I'm not sure what the answer is but what I do know is that somewhere along the lines I turned my passion, my love or writing, into nothing but a means to an end.

Tell me if you've ever felt this way:
You have the dream to become a novelist, that is you want to write books, have them read and enjoyed, and make a healthy living from doing so. Not a crazy dream at all.
You put alot of time into writing your book. Fine, that's the fun part!
You spend alot of time rewriting and editing your book. Ok, a necessary evil.
You spend a great deal of time marketing and promoting your book. It becomes a timesuck with all the social media platforms you have to be involved in. Soon it starts to feel alot more like work than your passion. In your race to power and glory you start to burn out. Because you want to realize your dream, because you don't want to work a thankless 9-5 job, because of all this self-imposed pressure you no longer write for fun (if you write at all!) because this next one has to be the one that tips the scales so it has to be perfect. But you said that about the last book and it didn't tip anything. You're still spinning your wheels in the mud. Still on the hamster wheel of life. You start to lose faith.
There's a line in the film Catch and Release starring Jennifer Garner where she is talking to Timothy
Olyphant's character and he says: "I used to take pictures all the time." She asks: "Why did you stop?" To which he replies: "I started getting paid for it...took all the fun out of it."

I can relate to that. Somewhere it all became about the career part. The earning part. The income. The success. But what measures success?
Surely it shouldn't be money driven. It should be about the writing, the passion for producing a great piece of writing and sharing it with the world.
In my 18 year struggle to make it to the top I've recently lost my passion for actually writing, simply because I've made it about something else. Reason being? I hate 9-5 jobs. I hate working for corporations or people who devalue your existence and just think of you as a number. This type of work is not fulfilling. I often feel as though I'm limiting my potential because I'm not doing what it is I'm meant to be doing.
But in this retrospection I've realized that I can't force it...the dream that is. It will only happen when the time is right. Even though it's been 18 long years I can see the strength of my work developing. I've received some great reviews for my Las Vegas thriller Lucky Sevens and my Demon Hunter trilogy was nominated for best series with the writing itself being compared to Robert E. Howard's Conan; Stephen King and Gulliver's Travels...some of my all time favorites!
I need to measure my success differently. I need to take the pressure off of needing to make monetary gains and go back to enjoying the process of writing. For me that first step is to find myself a source of income doing something that I actually enjoy. Only I wish I knew what that was....